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Dom at the HatcheryThis brings up the question of finance for such a major enterprise and Steve Mikosic turned to finance experts and commercial lending specialists Mortgage Link.

The company has, in recent years, won multiple awards for its demonstrated competence in handling Commercial Real Estate and Equipment financing.

Having struggled initially trying to deal with individual banks, Multiquip turned to Domenic Corigliano, a Director and Credit Advisor with Mortgage Link to handle the finance package needed to build and equip the new hatchery.

“There was quite a level of complexity to setting up the most efficient financing of this enterprise which involved multiple lending facilities including a construction loan, importing, letters of credit, escrow, hedging, as well as managing foreign exchange and interest rates,” Mr Corigliano said.

“It is the commercial experience acquired by our business where the directors and key staff members all came from a business banking background in major banks that helps businesses like Multiquip navigate through the many lenders and structure a finance strategy that is in the clients best interests.

“We not only set up the financial structure but manage the process throughout the project,” he added. Jason Mikosic, General Manager of Multiquip Transport was full of praise for the way Domenic Corigliano and his colleagues at Mortgage Link had handled their finance affairs. “In the past few years, we have dealt directly with the banks and had no broker involvement.

“During this period I found that dealing with different banks and their business managers to be time consuming and not always productive,” he said. “I can highly recommend the services of Domenic as a business broker to assist with obtaining finance,” he said. “The benefits of our company includes only having to explain our plans once to a broker that understands our business and opportunities. “Domenic then approached different banks on a level of understanding and influence that we, as a company, found hard to achieve.

“Since our first dealing and finance arrangement, Domenic has taken the lead in assisting further with business development and capital requirements. He is always thinking of how he can help the business for any future developments. I appreciate that we no longer have to deal directly with the banks and we have an excellent broker that can assist us with our needs,” Jason concluded.

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Experience the Difference

Mortgage Link Finance Brokers collectively have over 100 years of banking experience, with a sound knowledge of the latest products and services offered by the Australian Financial Services Industry.

We have the ability both in background and practice to understand the business and investment issues you face everyday and the way lenders think about financing your transactions.

Mortgage Link has been recognised with numerous industry awards including being awarded one of Australia’s leading commercial broking groups.

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